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Mumbai Taj mahal Hotel Cake

Posted by Rajesh
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Scores of people flocked to the 36th annual cake exhibition in Bangalore, where a cake modelled on the Taj Mahal Hotel in Mumbai was displayed in the show.

The chairman of the cake show said the iconic hotel was chosen this year to remember those who were killed in the Mumbai attacks.

"This year we chose Taj Hotel. It is also a contribution to the people who have lost their lives there. And then the other thing is the presence of the U.S. President who stayed there," said Ramachandran, Chairman, Cake Show.

"Totally 15 people worked on the cake for almost 18,000 man hours and almost two months," he added.

The monument model was built with five tonnes of sugar, and measured 22 feet in length and 14 feet in width.

All the structures were built using sugarcane and edible gelatine and colours.

"This is a very amazing affair. It has a fan club. Totally a different kind of thing. Kids really enjoy it. It is a different concept altogether for an event, for an exhibition, and it is amazing. The crowd which comes, they are all zapped and amazed to see such a beautiful thing," said Goutham, organiser of the fair.

Each year the cake show, organized by Blue Hill Company (Nilgiris) and National Consumer Fair includes miniature edible monuments as the highlight of the exhibition.

Apart from this, varieties of rich plum cakes, marzipans, chocolates, cookies, ice creams, dairy desserts and Christmas goodies were available for purchase at the fair. (ANI)

Apart from the Taj Hotel cake, the 10-day exhibition will have on display cakes depicting nursery rhyme character Humpty Dumpty, a jewel box, a boat house and even a grandfather's clock. By Sweta (ANI)
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